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As you may already know, this website is free of charge and a friendly source of information about The Long Drive. Since the game is still in early access, we are expecting to see more and more people join our forces of true admirers in the upcoming year. But it is never too late to become obsessed with a super cool, adventurous indie car driving simulator with the open world. And while we all can’t get enough of this game, there is a way to get even closer to The Long Drive.

The Long Drive Order a Poster


We offer you unique hand-made products dedicated to The Long Drive game. For a few bucks, you will receive a poster or two with car designs you love in the game. Just imagine how cool this poster will look on your wall, window, ceiling, or at the office.

If you are one of the eco-activists or somehow do not tolerate paper, we offer fantastic t-shirts for you. This is the best possible way to stay close to The Long Drive. Literally, skin to skin. And if you are a generous soul, you may buy one of our t-shirts for your favorite people. They will definitely appreciate it. Just make sure they are into The Long Drive as much as you.

And the last but not the least, our magnets. You know, these things that prevent you from seeing the original color of your fridge? We made them with our favorite pictures from the game, but you can always choose yours, and we will make your order in several days.

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