About us

The Long Drive Witnesses welcome thee here! Ok, let’s be serious for a moment and introduce the crazy fans of The Long Drive wild game that created this website. My name is John, and this is my best friend in the world (the open world of The Long Drive), Mike. We both are skinflints who decided to save a few bucks that we had and buy the game in advance, in early access. It was not a random choice, no. We were waiting for The Long Drive, as we have heard the rumors.

And now we are obsessed with The Long Drive! It is true. Mike can prove it, he made a tattoo with a rusty car on his… back. Anyway, we believe we can share our game experience, tips and hints with other fans of the game. It is important for us to know that we are not alone in our The Long Drive madness! Join our tight community and receive updates on this amazing piece of digital art.